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Seller Closing Calculator

* This is only an estimate, actual closing costs may vary
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Seller's Name:
Property Address:
Purchase Price:
Real Estate Commission:
Transaction Fee:
Documentary Stamps:
Title Insurance:
Closing/Settlement Fee:
Title Search Fee:
Municipal Lien Search:
Estimated Payoff #1:
Estimated Payoff #2:
Estimated Payoff #3:
Satisfaction Recording:
Document Scanning Fee:
Buyer Home Warranty:
Seller Paid Costs:
Estimated Closing Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Last Year's Taxes:
Taxes Paid By Seller:
Other Seller Fees (Description):
Other Seller Fees (Amount):
Estimated Net to Seller:

The Closing Cost Calculator provides the Seller with a tool to be able to estimate the Seller’s net proceeds from the sale of a Florida property. This form auto-calculates closing costs based on the Northeast Florida custom for Seller paid closing costs. For a more detailed Seller Net Sheet, please contact us directly at 904-260-0105.


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